f.l.t.r.: James T. Durham, Klaus Brandl, Rudi Madsius, Peter Tobolla, Udo Schwendler, Helmer Körber; kneeling: Klaus Braun-Hessing, Jo Frauenknecht; in front: Jürgen März

Rudi’s first (female) fan was his mother, who sang Elvis songs to him and used wooden spoons to drum along with him as his voice was already astounding at the tender age of 12-years and when he was just 14-years old, Rudi decided to make singing his career, despite considerable parental protests. “First of all I must learn a worthwhile trade” Rudi decided, which took him into lithographic work, a trade that has been swallowed up by computers in the meantime but he only studied for a short while, as he was already working on the stage at the age of 15 and that is where he has stayed there for more than 40 years – with both guitar and microphone.

His “Teenie-bands” were called “Soulflower” and “St.James Assocation”, a beat-party asset for Fürth, his home-town. It was here that Rudi got to know a drummer called Klaus Braun-Hessing and they formed a musical friendship that still continues to this day.

Rudi’s next musical stop was called “Cry Freedom”, which was a call for freedom and was not considered to be politically correct back in the 70s. A band was formed at a rock festival in Nuremberg with Rudi Madsius as the guitarist and singer and it played in all of the top clubs throughout Germany. Cry Freedom were the main stage act in clubs such as Von der Camera in Fürth, PN-Hithaus in Munich, the Sinkkasten in Frankfurt and Onkel Pö in Hamburg, in which the Rattles and the Boots also played and Eric Burdon used Cry Freedom as his opening group as did “Free”. The first LPs rolled off the presses. “Volcano”, “Sunny Day” and “Nobody’s Fool” were produced between 1975 and 1980, all of which are discs that are eagerly sought by collectors today and a best of “Anthology” is now available as a re-mastered CD.

Rudi and Klaus Brandl, his present lead guitarist, formed “Streetlife”. The 9-man combo complete with horn section and playing spirited jazz/rock/soul numbers as well as many of their own compositions, still have a CD on sale. Streetlife produced "time's slippin' away", "Listen Johnny" and "Caravan" (1984 – 1996). A very special CD called “Düsenklipperhocker” (Streetlife together with Günter Stössel, 1984) was re-released as a re-mastered CD in 2000, as the Fränkischer dialect with soul/rock cannot be heard everyday.

When their “I really wanna know” CD was released it had “Rudi Madsius Band” on the label. „Southern States soul and powerful shuffle blues, rasping country aesthetics and catchy tunes with dance-along elegance“, said the ‘Abendzeitung’, the local newspaper as well as much appreciated songs from Rudis Feder, who produces objective hit-power for the top-ten (“I can’t get over you”, “deep within” etc.).

Rudi’s résumé after 40-years on the stage: Music is his purpose in life and playing on all of the most important stages in Germany is always fun, and if the ambience is really good then it is ideal. Meetings with Udo Lindenberg, Volker Kriegel, Champion Jack Dupree and many more produced unforgettable experiences, which is quite normal in such a musical career as his. Rudi Madsius band’s musical style varies between blues, jazz, soul, rock and Tex-Mex, fun that the band is happy to share with everyone.When Rudi looks to the future he will be pleased with the launch of “you know my name”, his new CD, and his European fans who buy a copy will also be able to say: “you know my name”!